FLGOVCON26- Veteran Connections with John Vann

December 26, 2016

Hi this is Pete Blum bringing you our fifth episode of the Veteran Connection Series. In an ongoing mission to help small businesses entrepreneurs and our transitioning military Veterans, or Veterans who have been out for a while and are interested in starting their own business the FloridaGovCon.com Podcast brings you experience and advice from fellow Veterans entrepreneurs who have made the transition and started a new journey.

There are Veterans transitioning out of the military every day. Some of them have an idea or a passion that they want to turn into a business. Having the right connections can be the one thing that makes the difference between a success or a failure. In this Veteran Connections Series I will be talking to Veteran business owners about what steps they are taking, the hurdles they have ran into, what advice they have for you, and what they hope life will look like a few years from now. With these real life interviews and real life results you can gain the expert knowledge from those that have been there. From your military brothers and sisters.

Today's guest is John Vann. John is the Vice President/Co-Founder of Racing4Vets

John is an Army veteran and is Team Captain and lead driver for America's all Veteran Racing Team specializing in the rehabilitation of service disabled veterans through motor sports training and racing programs. John has a passion to help other Veterans and uses these unique and exciting tools to do it.


It is always amazing to see a Veteran entrepreneur start a business that involves helping other Veterans. Today John will share his story and passion with us.




You can follow John here:


Website: http://www.racing4vets.org/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-vann-58908799

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/racing4vets/

Twitter: @Racing4Vets




 Transition from the military

Tell us a little more about your company

How did you start your business?

Did your military experience and training help prepare you to be a Veteran business owner?

What were some of your concerns when starting your business?

What were some of the challenges you faced getting your business started?

What is the key to the success of your business?

Do you think your military experience is responsible for the success in your business or are there other things you had to apply and learn along the way?

What is the one most important thing you have learned since starting your business that you can share with other Veteran business owners?

For transitioning Veterans wanting to start their own business what action items would you give them?





In this episode with John we heard some great advice you can take advantage of on your own vetrepreneur journey!


Be unique, make sure no one else is doing it


Use resources available for veterans that not everyone else has


Connect with the business community like attending meetings


Nothing is more important than team


Have a mentor


Engage with your community


Use your resources:

Vetbiz- http://www.vetbiz.com/

Small Business Administration (SBA)- https://www.sba.gov/starting-business/how-start-business/business-types/veteran-owned-businesses

grants.gov- grants.gov


The Veteran Connection Series provides advice from Veterans for Veterans. A lot of people like you and me that have been through the military have the same thoughts and a lot of the same questions. We may have even had the exact same struggle. I hope you find some answers as you go on this Veteran Connections journey with me. There are more episodes in this series where we will learn, explore, and get answers to your questions.

FloridaGovCon.com is brought to you by Solvabilty. If you need more information or want assistance implementing one of the things you learned about today you can contact me. I can offer services and training to assist you with your needs. Email me at peteblum@solvability.com and let me know how I can help you!

I hope that you have enjoyed this podcast and I hope you enjoy this series.

Thank you for listening!

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